Export lets you save your presentation or selected slides in the desired file format. Choose to save the new file either as a PowerPoint-file, converting all your Grunts to native shapes, or as a PDF.

  1. Select the slides from your presentation you want to save (optional)
  2. Click Export in the Grunt ribbon
  3. Choose the location where you want to save your file
  4. Rename your file (optional)
  5. Choose one of the following output formats:
    1. PowerPoint: This option preserves full Grunt compatibility. Recipients without access to Grunt can view everything, but the Grunts will appear as images, and cannot be changed by people without Grunt. Use this option if the recipient either has access to Grunt or if the recipient should only be able to read the document.
    2. PDF: Exports the document as a PDF – which makes it suitable to read on multiple platforms but is not available for any editing. 
    3. Convert Grunts: This exports all Grunt-elements to native PowerPoint shapes. Use this option if a user needs to edit the Grunts but does not have Grunt access. Note: exporting to native shapes is a one-way operation.
  6. Choose what slides should be included in the new file:
    1. Current slide: Includes only the slide currently open on your screen.
    2. Selected slides: Includes only the selected slides from your presentation.
    3. Presentation: Includes the whole presentation.
    4. Custom: Type specific pages, sections, or ranges.