Rule summary

The number format rule lets you switch between number formats. You can change things like the number of decimals, the magnitude (e.g. in thousands or millions), the decimal symbol and the thousand separator. You can also add prefixes and postfixes, which is useful if you would like to display something in front or after a number.


Rules can be searched for using their aliases. There are currently no aliases for this rule.


See the Character style rule for adjusting formatting of text, including font, font color, bold, italic etc.

When to use it

You should use the number format rule when you want to change the number format. We've made a bunch of presets for you to use, but if none of them fit your requirements, you can make a custom one by changing the other settings.

What you can change


This setting lets you select one of Grunt's default number format presets. There are no modes for this setting, so you can simply select a preset and the preset will then apply itself to your selected targets.

Thousand separator

The thousand separator is a symbol that separates groups of numbers. This is usually done to improve readability, as a string of numbers can be difficult to read if the number is large. In most locales, numbers are separated after every third position from the right (not counting decimals), though certain locales use a separator every second position or fourth position. Using the most common separation position, 10 million may be displayed as 10,000,000 (US), or as 10.000.000 (Germany), or 10 000 000 (Sweden). Changing the thousand separator may be a good idea if you're making slides for a client that uses a different locale than you do.

Decimal symbol

Use this setting to change the decimal symbol. It can be either a comma or a period.


The magnitude setting allows you to change the displayed order of magnitude of your numbers. Perhaps you've modeled in actual dollars (say $4,300,000), but you would like it to be displayed in millions? Select the 10^6 option, and your number will be displayed as 4.3.

Decimal places

Decimal places is probably self-explanatory, but click the  icon so the setting switches to manual, and then select the number of decimal places you wish to display.

Prefix and Postfix

Prefixes and postfixes are fields you can set that will add text before or after a number. Perhaps you would like to prefix your number with "USD ", or perhaps postfix it by "(est.)". Use this setting to do that.




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