Icon conditional rule


Rule summary

The Icon conditional rule lets you add icons to your Grunt based on conditions. When you select any range in a Visual Grid and add this rule, Grunt will read the data in the ranges you selected and create conditions. For each condition, you can change the icon and the color. You can add and remove conditions by pressing the + and - buttons. There is also a wide set of condition types available that you can use.



There are currently no aliases for this rule.


See the Icon rule to learn how to create a rule that adds just one type of icon.

When to use it

You can use the Icon conditional rule whenever you want to add visualizations to visualize data or text with icons (as opposed to, say, charts). It's great for reporting the status of your projects, for lists and for summaries. When you're about to use bullets for text, consider using this rule instead and use the Layout setting below to compose the icon and the text in a nice way.

What you can change



Use this setting to change the icon that will be displayed for each particular condition. Grunt has a wide variety of icons available. 


The color setting has two modes; Default and Manual. If you use Default, we will use the default color from your Grunt. If you switch to manual, you can choose the color yourself.

 Icon placement


Your icons can be placed in several different positions in its cell. You can choose to display only the icon or you can choose to display it together with other data from the same cell, either side by side inside the cell or on the edge of the cell. 


There are plenty of modes to set the size of your icon. Right-click the orange square  to get an overview of the different modes, or left-click to toggle between the modes. Notice that the width and height of your icon will scale up or down dependently so that the icon will never lose its original shape. 

  • Default: Default inherits from the default size for icon set on your Grunt
  • Automatic: Automatically calculates a fit that looks nice for your icon
  • Absolute: Set a pixel size for your icon
  • Relative: Set the width or height as a percentage of the size of the surrounding cell
  • Fit to content: Fit to content is currently what happens if you select Automatic, so selecting this mode will do the same as selecting Automatic
  • Fit to size: Makes the icon as large as possible to use as much space it can of the surrounding cell
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