Logo rule

The Logo rule is a great way to populate a Visual Grid with high quality logos. Grunt uses Google and Bing to find logos for you based on either the text in a cell in the Visual Grid, or a custom search query.

To try it out, insert the names of some companies in e.g. the cells of a column in a Visual Grid. Now select the cells where you want to display logos and hit Ctrl+Enter to open the rule selection dialog.

Next, write "Logo" to find the logo rule:

Grunt will now search for logos online and make suggestions.

Hit Apply all to apply the logos.


I cannot find the logos I'm looking for

Sometimes, logos are unavailable online, or Grunt's suggestion isn't the one you want.

First, click the logo that you want to adjust. Now you can either select a different logo, or refine your search term in the textbox at the top of the suggestions.

Using logos from a local folder

If no logos that are suggested match the one you want, you may need to use an image file placed in a local folder. To do this, go to Grunt's Settings and add a local folder as a logo source. We recommend using a specific folder for logos that is otherwise empty of other files to ensure that Grunt doesn't search unnecessarily for files.

Grunt supports several image file types, but we recommend sticking to SVG and PNG. You may also re-order the logo sources to tell Grunt to e.g. first search local logo sources before searching online.

The search term should match the file name, so if you are looking for the local file mycompany.png you should use the search term mycompany in the Visual Grid cell where you want the logo to appear.