Icon rule

Add icons to make your table more interesting and visually appealing.

The icon rule lets you add icons some or all of your cells. It's a great way to add some context for specific types of content, like for instance a list of people. It can also be useful if you want to create a more visually stylish list, using icons as bullets and a new row for each new item. This rule adds the same icon to the entire targeted area.

If you want to have different icons for different cell content, use the Icon, conditional rule instead. The status column in the example above is created with the conditional rule.



In this section you can change the icon that will be displayed. Grunt has a wide variety of built-in icons available. Currently, it's not possible to add your own icons in this list.

You can also specify any color of the selected icon.


The icon can be placed in several different positions in its cell. To display only the icon, use the "replace" layouts, or choose to display it together with the text, either side by side inside the cell or on the edge of the cell.


This determines the size of the icon. To learn more about sizing in the size rule article. 


Specify the margins for the icon. To learn more about using margins, check out our article on the margin rule.