Introduction to Grunt Tools

Grunt Tools is a collection of functions to help you work more efficiently with objects in PowerPoint. It simplifies and helps you with the most common adjustments, like alignment and distribution of objects.

In the Grunt tab, there is a section of Tools to help you with the most common object adjustments. Objects can be everything from graphics and shapes to text boxes, pictures, and Grunts. Grunt supports a range of tools:

  • Align objects allows you to align selected objects relative to a chosen reference object.
  • Distribute distributes all your selected objects evenly between the outermost objects. You can also distribute to slide to create symmetry with a single click.
  • Swap lets you swap the position of two objects in one click.
  • Stack brings all selected objects close to each other by removing the space between them.
  • Arrange gives you easy access to adjust object visibility by bringing objects in front or sending them behind others
  • Same size sets selected objects the same size.
  • Autofit lets you specify how shapes and text boxes should adapt to expanding text
  • Shape margins specify the margins for selected shapes.
  • Select similar quickly selects all objects with similar shape, size, color or outline - or all of the above.
  • Sticky note inserts sticky notes to add comments directly on a slide.
  • Set proofing language lets you change the proofing language quickly for all shapes and text boxes.

Smart Selection

In addition to the simple Tools, Grunt also offers an innovative way to ensure alignment and control spacing between objects in PowerPoint. Smart selection is a set of features where Grunt overrides the native PowerPoint object selection to give enhanced functionality and a smoother workflow. 

Smart selection applies to all kinds of objects - like graphics, shapes, text boxes, pictures, and Grunts. Smart selection controls are easily identified by the pink color used:

Smart selection features include:

  • Tidy up lets you align and distribute objects with a single click.
  • Smart spacing allows you to adjust spacing easily with dragging while maintaining alignment and distribution.
  • Smart resizing lets you resize multiple objects simultaneously while keeping spacing between them.

Check out our article on Smart selection to learn more.